Our Story

Rocking H Construction, LTD is a mutli-disciplined construction company, with over 30 years of combined experience in general construction and oil field. Rocking H Construction, LTD, is able to provide a range of services in residential, commercial, farm/ranch, fencing, and site clearing of worksites and pipeline right-of ways. Our heavy equipment inventory ensures we can quickly get the job done. We strive in meeting our clients’ needs and expectations by establishing a relationship of open communication. Our personnel are committed to safety, quality and reliability on each and every project.

Rocking H. Construction, LTD is committed to be a unique leader known as a consistent and dependable company. We will acquire this recognition by endlessly meeting customer expectations and engaging inregulatory compliance as a profitable, socially responsible service company.  

This commitment will be evident through systems that support our Solid Success Initiatives (SSI) while maintaining a high environmental safety, health and security standards at all Rocking H. Construction Ltd jobsites.

Our Solid Success Initiatives are:

SSI-1 Satisfy All Customers (SAC)

In order to satisfy customers, we will provide quality service that consistently meets expectations and regulatory compliance. Establishing a clear line of communication in order to understand and meet our customers’ changing needs will ensure continuous quality service delivery.

SSI-2 Maintain a Positive Work Environment (PWE)

Considering the fact that satisfying the customer means exhibiting a positive attitude. To help succeed with Solid Success Initiative 2, we will treat all employees fairly and involve them in quality improvement process to ensure a positive productive culture. The company will hold continued weekly training (CWT) which involve establishing clear communication to reduce, or eliminate misunderstanding and to discuss ways to improve preparedness, safety and roles. Success requires an active role from all employees.  Everyone in the company must be clear on their roles and responsibilities in achieving these goals, and strive to do each job well – the first time.  Each person in the company performs tasks that affect the quality of service delivered on a daily basis, and thus has a direct impact on quality of our service provided. CWT’s will maintain a positive work environment and eliminate any misconceptions producing a satisfied customer which positively affects the culture. 

SSI- 3 Reduce Errors (RE)

Mistakes are forthcoming, however adopting a “Do it right the first time” approach in all daily activities will help eliminate errors.  Reducing errors will be decreased through continuous learning and improvement by applying the “Do it right the first time” model discussed in CWT’s.  We will improve our skill and competence through monitoring and reducing errors.  Establishing, implementing, monitoring and revising sound systematic work processes will also greatly lower errors. Execution of “Do it right the first time” will produce responsiveness and cost effective work execution. 

SSI-4 Identifying and Eliminating Problems (IEP)

Once a problem is established and brought to light, the problem will be discussed in CWT’s.  With everyone’s input and ideas, the root causes of service quality problems can be addressed and solved.  Extending quality, sincere, and positive considerations to all ideas will not only eliminate problems, but help reduces errors (SSI-3), add to a positive working environment (SSI-2), and satisfy all customers (SSI-1).

Quality and continuous improvement in all aspects of our business are fundamental to the continued competitiveness and profitability of this company. In following the Solid Success Initiatives, we will make every effort to ensure that we are widely recognized as unique leaders in the industry.